Worksite Wellness Programs

Rising healthcare costs are a significant concern. An investment in employee health will create a healthier workforce and reduce future increases in health insurance costs.

A worksite wellness program can raise awareness so employees with fewer risk factors remain in a lower-cost group. A program can also encourage employees with health risk factors to make lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life and lower costs.

Worksite wellness programs can produce gains for the organization, such as reduced healthcare costs, an increase in productivity and enhanced image for the organization. Wellness programs can also increase job performance by boosting energy levels, improving individual and group morale, and instilling a feeling of belonging. All of these benefits translate into cost savings for your company.

Worksite Wellness Resources

Assessment and tools to develop or enhance worksite wellness programs
Healthy work environments

General Worksite Wellness Resources
Wellness Council of America - some items are free; others require membership
Hope Health -- some items are free; others require membership; can sign up for a free trial subscription
Centers for Disease Control Comprehensive Resources

Good Information to share with employees as a link or as a resource for short articles to forward
American Heart Association Eat Smart
American Institute for Cancer Research - great recipes!
National Institutes of Health
Nutrition Action Health Letter - good info and recipes
Fruits and Veggies More Matters
Greater Good: The Science of Meaningful Life
A Healthier Michigan
CDC - Physical Activity Basics Videos

Useful for bulletin boards or bathroom reading materials
American Heart Association - Infographics
10 Tips Sheets for Nutrition

Additional resources
Michigan Tobacco QuitLine - includes where to order posters
Fruit and Veggie Challenge Materials - 4 week challenge with reprintable and customizable materials

For more information, contact our Wellness Coordinator at (231) 347-4640.

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