Food Service - Permanent Establishments

Opening a New Permanent Food Establishment

If you are building a new building or remodeling an existing establishment or structure, you can jump right in and begin the Plan Review process. If, however, you are buying an existing establishment and plan to run it "as is", we recommend a call to the Health Department first. We have records on all existing food establishments under our jurisdiction, and can tell you before you buy if you would be inheriting any previously identified problems. Our sanitarians can be very helpful in pointing out potential pitfalls.

Sanitarian sitting at desk reviewing plans Brandon Morrill, MPA, REHS
Charlevoix/Otsego Office: 231-547-7668

Rhiannon Pomerville
Antrim Office Office: 231-533-1104

Michele Delves, CP-FS
Emmet Office: 231-347-4694

Plan Review

Submittals must include:
› Plan Review Packet
› Proposed Menu
› Appropriate Fee
› A Plan to Scale
› Equipment Specification sheets (make, model, dimensions)

Restaurant kitchen Plan Review Materials:
Plan Review Submittal Procedure
Instruction Sheet
Plan Review Packet
MDA Plan Review Manual

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Forms:
SOP Packet Cover Sheet
Page 1 - SOP Staff Training
Page 2 - SOP Personal Hygiene
Page 3 - SOP Handwashing
Pages 4-6 - SOP Employee Health
Page 7 - SOP Purchasing Food from Approved Sources
Page 8 - SOP Cleaning and Sanitizing
Page 9 - SOP Cross Contamination Prevention
Page 10 - SOP Bare Hand Contact
Page 11 - SOP Thawing Potentially Hazardous Foods
Page 12 - SOP Cold Holding
Page 13 - SOP Cooling Potentially Hazardous Food
Page 14 - SOP Cooking Potentially Hazardous Food
Page 15 - SOP Hot Holding
Page 16 - SOP Reheating Potentially Hazardous Foods
Page 17 - SOP Time Only as a Method to Control Bacteria
Page 18 - SOP Date Marking
Page 19 - SOP Warewashing

Special Transitory Food Units (STFU) and Mobile Plan Review

STFU/Mobile Plan Review Packet

STFU Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Forms:
SOP STFU Wastewater Disposal
SOP STFU Water Supply

SOP Packet
STFU/Mobile SOP Packet