Environmental Health Services

The Environmental Health Division's mission is to prevent illness, disease, and injury to the residents and visitors of Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet and Otsego counties, through assessment, education, consultation, testing, and evaluation of home, work, school, and recreational environments.

Sanitarian and well driller looking into hole with equipment

Permits and Licenses:

Residential Well and Septic
Well Permit
Septic Permit
Existing System Evaluation
Real Estate Evaluation
Site Evaluation

Type II
Permit Application
MDEQ Application
Annual Water Sampling Program

Food Service
Temporary Food Permit
Restaurant Plan Review
Annual License Renewal

Other Licenses
Pool and/or Spa
DHS Facility Inspection
Body Art Facility

Condominiums and Subdivisions

Condo/Subdivision Review Application

Review Process Diagram

Nuisance Complaints

A nuisance complaint investigation will be conducted by Environmental Health field staff when a signed complaint is received by any of our branch offices. Complaints relating to sewage, food and garbage are the most commonly investigated nuisances. If the complaint does not fall within the authority of the Health Department, clients may be referred to other regulating agencies. Nuisance complaints are prioritized by their significance with respect to public health risks.

Nuisance Complaint form

Tenant/Landlord Assistance Information

Complaints involving tenant/landlord issues, generally, do not fall within the authority of the Health Department, unless they are associated with water, sewage or garbage. To assist clients with housing issues or tenant/landlord disputes, we have provided the following resources:

For general tenant/landlord legal information, contact the Michigan Attorney General toll free help line at 1-877-765-8388
For issues regarding mobile home parks, contact the Department of Consumer and Industry Services at 517-241-9347.

Web Resources:
A Practical Guide for Tenants and Landlords (Michigan Legislature website)
US Department of Housing and Urban Development website

DHS Inspections

HDNW sanitarians conduct Environmental Health Inspections for a variety of care facilities including; foster homes, family and group day care homes, child care centers and children's camps. Inspections are part of an overall licensing process administered by the Michigan Department of Human Services. Requests for inspections can be made through our branch offices or by referral from DHS, depending on facility inspection required.

Environmental Health Inspection Form - Adult Foster Care
Environmental Health Inspection Form - Child Care and Camps

Residential Water Testing

Water flowing into glass from faucet The Health Department has test kits available for many types of water sampling; including the two most common: Bacteriological and Partial Chemical. Stop by any of our offices to pick up one or more of the following test kits:

Bacteriologic (Coliform) Sampling
(Required for new wells - included in permit fee)
Test Code B
Fee: $20.00

Partial Chemical Sampling
(Fluoride, Chloride, Hardness, Iron, Sodium, Sulfates, Nitrites and Nitrates)
(Required for new wells - included in permit fee)
Test Code C
Fee: $20.00

2 Options for Shipping/Delivery to Lab:

1. Save money and time by returning your sample to any of our 4 Environmental Health offices! Simply collect your water sample and drop it off the same day (see below) to our Bellaire, Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, or Gaylord office. We will ship it to our laboratory in Gaylord at no extra charge.

Samples MUST be collected on the day they are dropped off. Drop-offs will only be accepted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings between 8 am and 11 am.

2. You may also arrange your own shipment, or drop off samples at the laboratory in Gaylord in person. It is your responsibility to ensure samples are received by the laboratory within 30 hours of collection. (Be sure to check with the post office or other shipping company to make sure your sample will arrive in time. You may have to pay an additional charge for overnight delivery.)

Understanding Your Drinking Water Sample Results


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